The New Zealand Family Tracing Service

Hello and welcome to……This site has been created by Robert P. Sintes and the staff of familytracing for the specific purpose of locating and reuniting those families or friends who for whatever reason of time or circumstance have been lost to one another.We specialise in locating the living lost in NEW ZEALAND. If you are serious about locating a missing loved one, then contact The New Zealand Family Tracing Service.

Our Tracing Creed that follows sets out in simple language the objectives of this research effort.

We specialise in New Zealand because this is where we believe we can be the most effective in reuniting families or friends and where access to living records and archives is achievable at relatively low cost. Naturally our research often leads us overseas to successfully complete a search.

It perhaps bears explaining that the Directors retain a passionate personal interest in reunification of family and friends including adopted children, missing birth parents and sons or daughters, in fact the full gambit of the living lost including Commonwealth soldiers.

There is essentially no amount of money that can replace the enduring pleasure we derive from a successful search. If you think we might be able to help you, then feel free to share your aspirations with us. We will advise promptly what we can do to assist you.

We may be reached at the contact address shown.

Read the REFERENCES that follow…….

Yours sincerely,

Robert P. Sintes
Research Director



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