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familytracing, is a ‘LIVING LOST’ family tracing service specialising in searches in NEW ZEALAND. Its research capability has resulted in the reunification of children, family and friends, from opposite sides of the globe. ‘Kinsearch at its best’! Specialist researches with a particular passion for finding birth parents or missing family, the full gambit of the living lost are to be found at familytracing. Locating missing family is perhaps one of the most meaningful and emotionally rewarding endeavours on our journey through life and one in which the Directors of familytracing retain an enduring personal interest. We access databases from a wide variety of GOVERNMENT AND PRIVATE RECORDS, and also benefit from intimate local knowledge in our search endeavours. Having found this site we hope we may prove able to assist you in your search for those MISSING LINKS which currently elude you….they are just waiting to be found.

That is what we seek to do for you .

Your search will commence within 24 hours of receipt of payment.

Please forward your registration deposit credit to……..

General Enquiries:

Rob Sintes – Director

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